Streamline your business processes by gathering business-critical data under a single umbrella

Soliditet’s integration solutions allow you to synergise your customer data with Soliditet’s Nordic credit and market information. You can integrate products such as credit reports, credit decisions, monitoring solutions, as well as our prospecting solutions. This enables business-critical data to be gathered under a single umbrella. As a result, company decision makers gain control, in addition to an optimal overview and a streamlined business process.

Integrating Soliditet’s products enables you to easily retrieve information in a standardised format (XML). You can also read data into your systems in accordance with your own requirements – all communication takes place with help from WebServices. Soliditet supplies the information; and you decide how and where it is entered. This also applies to update frequency.

Soliditet’s delivery group helps ensure you have the right conditions in order to quickly start up your integration solution.

Are you already a customer with Soliditet? Then contact your customer representative for more information on how best to integrate Soliditet’s credit and business information into your company’s system.

Are you not a customer with Soliditet? Then contact our sales department for more information on our products, and your options for using our integration solutions.


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