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We can reduce your customer loss by 25–50% And we can also help you find new customers, and, not least, customers who pay.

Soliditet has a proud tradition stretching back to 1908. A tradition which involves helping companies measure, analyse, and limit their credit risk. With more than 100 years of activity in the industry, we can confidently claim to have built up a rock-solid bank of experience when it comes to structuring large quantities of information, discerning trends, and drawing conclusions. In combination with our working methods, we have gradually begun to apply this expertise to other business areas – with excellent results. Sales and marketing is one such area.

We produce solutions based on your company’s unique circumstances, specific requirements, and aspirations. Below are examples of analyses we carry out within the sales and marketing sector:

  • Potential analysis. We help identify the potential for increased sales across your existing customer base, and analyse which of your products are best suited to particular target groups.
  • Customer loyalty analysis. We identify indicators which reveal the probability of losing customers. These indicators are utilised in various ways, depending on the stated objective. For example, a scorecard can be produced stating the probability of a particular customer cancelling its contract, expressed as a percentage. This scorecard can then be used as a tool to differentiate offers to various customers, and, in the process, increase the likelihood of retaining their business.
  • Companies who have put their faith in our solutions have succeeded in limiting their customer loss by 25–50% – through our scorecard method, among other things.

Business Advisors

We will help you.

With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. Feel free to give us a call.


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