Portfolio Analysis

A portfolio analysis provides an overview of you accumulated credit risk

Are you granting credit to the right customers, with the right payment terms? Are you targeting the right prospects? Do you know how much you should be setting aside for probable bad debt loss? Do you have the right level of risk in your portfolio? Do you need to amend your risk policy for your customers and suppliers? A selection of questions to which our portfolio analysis solution can provide an instant answer – after only a few seconds.

In a world prone to change in the blink of an eye, it is crucial to keep track of your accumulated credit risk. By using our web application, Portfolio Analysis, you can quickly and easily obtain up-to-date analyses of your accumulated portfolio from a variety of perspectives. You can use your current risk profile to gauge your company’s forecasted level of credit loss, as well as assessing performance in relation to stated objectives. Analysis of companies in Sweden and other Nordic countries can be carried out directly online.

Analyse and develop your business relations

A portfolio analysis also allows you to monitor whether or not implemented changes have produced the desired impact. These analyses produce a risk assessment, or an opportunity assessment, over your total portfolio, regardless if for customers, suppliers, or other business contacts. Naturally, you can also compare your own results with the rating distribution of the country in question. And in Sweden, this can also be done according to company type, county, municipality, and SNI (Swedish Standard Industrial Classification) code. You control everything yourself.

Performing a portfolio analysis is easy

You can carry out an analysis through a user-friendly web-based interface which allows you to upload the corporate identity numbers and individual sums (such as granted credit and outstanding credit) you want to analyse. Besides actual values, analyses are also presented in graph form, which you can present, print, save, or export.

Combining a portfolio analysis with monitoring

Your work can be further simplified using our monitoring solution, Business Monitor. Through a link in Business Monitor you can easily analyse your monitoring targets from directly within Portfolio Analysis. This combination provides a quick overview of your level of risk, both on an individual company basis as well as across your accumulated portfolio.

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