Why do Soliditet’s credit-rating products have a new look and new classifications?

Why has Soliditet made this change?
We have carried out a major customer survey to evaluate our diplomas, certificates and other products that help companies to show their creditworthiness. The survey provided us with many opinions that have influenced this change. Examples of requests from our customers include the following:

  • It should be clearer that AA represents the highest creditworthiness for sole traders, trading partnerships and limited partnerships.
  • The logos should also be clear in smaller formats.
  • We should explain the significance of being a creditworthy company.

Why is Soliditet introducing different colours for the credit ratings for different types of company?
Many of our customers want it to be clearer that the AA rating is the highest credit rating for trading partnerships, limited partnerships and sole traders. Introducing different colours for these different types of company makes this clearer.

What are the colours for the different types of company?

Limited companies now have red credit ratings, with blue for trading partnerships and limited partnerships, and green for sole traders.

How is Soliditet’s credit rating scale structured?
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What does being a creditworthy company mean?
Creditworthiness is the ability of a person, a company or even a country to repay its debts. These debts include loans and invoices, for example. In order to describe creditworthiness, banks and financial institutions divide people, companies and countries into creditworthiness classes, also known as credit rating classes. These classes are often represented by a scale from AAA to C, where AAA is the best, and the assessment is often carried out by a credit rating agency. (Source: Swedish Wikipedia).

What evidence do you have for the assertion that creditworthy companies are better?

What is a credit rating based on?
A credit rating is based on various sub-assessments of a company. It is the combination of these different sub-assessments that determines a company’s credit rating. The structure of each sub-assessment depends on the type of company. This is because the amount of information available varies between the different types of companies. Soliditet’s four sub-assessments are:

  • age/operations
  • owners/management
  • finances
  • solvency

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How can my company improve its credit rating?
The best way of improving your credit rating depends on factors such as the company’s current credit rating, its current financial situation, the type of company and the industry within which it operates. Soliditet offers companies consultancy services and training to identify strategies to improve their current credit rating.

What types of diplomas and certificates are available?
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How do I get access to the new rating logo?
Do you already use the Rating Logo service? If so, you can log in here on soliditet.se and download the new rating logo.

New user? E-mail merit@soliditet.se and we will send you log-in details.

If you don’t currently have this service but would like to find out more, call +46 (0)8 519 013 50 or e-mail merit@soliditet.se.


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