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Generating more profitable business requires special expertise. Especially when it is done through something as common as granting credit

Since being established back in 1908, Soliditet has analysed hundreds of thousands of companies, in every conceivable way. Allied with our extensive expertise and innovative zeal, this experience has given us the conviction to provide you with a better basis for your decisions – which in turn leads to more profitable business for your company. We can also give you concrete proposals on solutions aimed at improving your routines and streamlining working methods within the areas of data quality, sales and risk, and purchasing.

Soliditet offers a preliminary study which highlights areas of improvement related to data quality, sales and risk, and purchasing. This study clearly shows whether or not your company operates optimally across various different processes, in order to achieve the business goals set by the management on profitability, efficiency, and quality. The objective of this study is to show the potential effects the company can expect from modified routines resulting from the solutions offered by Soliditet.

This is how it works

In close consultation with you, we help identify known problem areas or potential areas of benefit the study should include. Then, using our methods, we carry out interviews and analyses in which we:

  • highlight various problem areas;
  • demonstrate the impact these problems have on your business;
  • present a solution;
  • highlight the impact on your company.

We chart your company’s daily routines and the processes used for obtaining, storing, and utilising business data. This is done across all functions with business relationships.

Failure to handle information on your various business partners optimally can expose your company to considerable risks. Transactions may be incorrectly processed, or take an unnecessarily long time, information may fail to reach the right person, and costs can become prohibitive. How much would it mean to your company to find an effective solution in this area?

Business Advisors

Business Advisors

With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. Feel free to give us a call.


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