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The key to finding new, profitable prospects

Spanning the entire Nordic region, our prospecting tool gives you access to both a wide selection and large volume of criteria with which to find new customers. However, you won’t receive information about just any company or contact, rather the target groups and prospects which best suit your individual company. Making sales to new customers is never a walk in the park, but using an effective tool can help give your company’s sales a real boost.

A unique prospecting tool, Nordic Business Key gives you access to our extensive bank of comprehensive business data over companies based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface facilitates and speeds up searches for new prospects for your marketing campaigns – directly online. Moreover, the internet service can be easily integrated into your CRM, or business system through our Web Services.

A broad selection of company data

Nordic Business Key provides access to information across the entire Nordic region on markets, industries, group connections, decision-makers, turnover, financial results, solvency, and much more. Naturally, Soliditet’s AAA credit rating (triple A) is also included in this information. The large number of selection parameters provide a wealth of options for combining various criteria in order to produce individually customised target groups and prospects suitable for your company.

Several areas of application

Nordic Business Key is available in three versions: Small, Medium, and Large. These options allow you to easily find a version which best suits your company. Nordic Business Key can be utilised across several business activities:

  • Sales and marketing, in order to find target groups and prospects;
  • Finance and accounting, in order to check whether it is worth pursuing cooperation with a company;
  • Purchasing, in order to find a choice of suppliers.

Integrate with your CRM and/or business system

As with many of our other products, Soliditet’s prospecting tool can be seamlessly integrated into your existing CRM and/or business system through our Web Services. Read more about integration here.

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