The diploma which vouches for your credit worthiness in the business world

Soliditet began valuing companies in 1908, and diplomation was introduced in 1996. However, our credit rating system, the Nordic region’s oldest, and most well-established, was implemented as early as 1989. Each quarter, diplomas are awarded to companies who have succeeded in maintaining their AAA (triple A), AA (double A) or A (single A) rating for at least 12–15 months. Thanks to the quality of our credit rating model, allied with Solditet’s integrity and considerable history (we were founded in 1908), our rating system has won both acknowledgement and widespread recognition. Today, all this helps companies do better, safer business across the entire Nordic region.

As a credit worthy company, you can order a diploma from us. However, don’t believe for one minute it’s just an attractive decoration to hang on the wall – a rating diploma also displays important information on the number of other companies who managed to fulfil the diplomation criteria during the previous year.

An AAA rated company who works sustainably, and has maintained high credit worthiness over a long period also has the opportunity to purchase an exclusive diploma, on a scale ranging from bronze to diamond. Soliditet operates a uniform credit rating, rating history, and limit across the Nordic region.

Criteria for diplomation

The AAA credit rating is only awarded to limited liability companies. In addition, the company must have been trading for at least ten years, have a turnover exceeding SEK 2 million, and be able to show financial ratios lying substantially above the industry average. AA is the highest rating awarded to trading partnerships, limited partnerships, or sole trader enterprises. Read more in our Rating guide.


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