Fraud freeze

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Records of non-payment

What is a record of non-payment?
A record of non-payment occurs when a company or individual has failed to pay a debt promptly. In order for an unpaid debt to be registered as a record of non-payment, it must be submitted to and established by the Swedish Enforcement Authority. The Swedish Enforcement Authority gives notice of the debt to the person or company by issuing a ruling, in the process establishing the debt. In the event a protest is received by the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the case is transferred to the district court for further handling. Unpaid taxes and contributions do not require notification – if the debt has been transferred to the Swedish Enforcement Authority, it is recorded as outstanding, and the credit reporting agency has registered a record of non-payment. A record of non-payment can make it more difficult to apply for credit.

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Information from annual accounts and financial ratios

How are Soliditet’s financial ratios calculated?
Take a look in our manual for information on annual accounts and financial ratios.

D&B D-U-N-S® Number

The D&B D-U-N-S® Number is a registered trademark owned and controlled by Dun & Bradstreet International. Learn more.

Property information

What property information is registered by Soliditet?
Soliditet obtains property records from two sources. Property holdings appearing on an individual’s most recent tax assessment are supplied by the Swedish Tax Agency on an annual basis, and show the status of the assessed owner at a certain point in time. Current property holdings are updated on a daily basis by the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, and show your property holdings as per the date in question. Our customers may decide what information they wish to obtain, and therefore the information shown on the copies of reports sent home to you may be different in different cases.

Company records

How can I change inaccurate information held on Soliditet’s register?
Soliditet purchases information on companies from Statistics Sweden, among others. If the inaccurate information pertains to the company’s industry classification, address or telephone number, we advise you to contact Statistics Sweden. Other information is obtained by the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, district courts and the Swedish Enforcement Authority. A comprehensive list can be found under Our sources.

Misplaced ID cards

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AAA rating

Information regarding our AAA credit rating system can be found under Business advisors.


What sources to Soliditet use?
Our sources include the public registers held by:
The Swedish Companies Registration Office
The Swedish Enforcement Agency
County Administrative Boards
Statistics Sweden
District courts
The Swedish Tax Agency
The SPAR address register

Comprehensive list together with update frequency


What regulations apply for credit report agencies?
Credit information activities shall be operated in accordance with the Swedish Credit Information Act regulations (1793:1173). The law contains a number of provisions intended to safeguard the personal integrity of the individual. At the same time, the law is also intended to facilitate effectively functioning credit reporting activities. Usually, authorisation is required from the Data Inspection Board in order to carry on such activities. This authorisation may be combined with special terms regulating how operations should be run, as well as what information may be handled. The Data Inspection Board operates in a supervisory capacity over credit reporting operations. Certain exceptions to the law apply to activities which are instead regulated by the Freedom of the Press Act or the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (fundamental laws).

The Swedish Credit Information Act contains provisions governing defaults (records of non-payment), when reports may be issued, copies of reports, screening, and rectification, among other things. Defaults refer to records which have been established by the authorities or a court of law. In order for a credit report on a private individual to be issued, a so-called legitimate requirement is needed. This means that the subject of the report must have applied for credit, or similar, which entitles the credit provider to obtain a credit report for the person in question. Once a credit report is issued, a copy must be sent to the person in question. The copy must state the identity of the party who originally requested the report, as well as the information supplied. Records for private individuals are screened following the end of the third year from when they were registered. Records of non-payment are screened after three years, at the latest. Credit reporting agencies are obliged to rectify, supplement or remove records which are either inaccurate or misleading.

PDF documents

How do I open a PDF?
In order to open, read, print and save a PDF document, a program called Adobe Reader is required. Free of charge, this program can be easily downloaded from Adobe’s website.

Rating logos (AAA, AA, A)

How can I use rating logos?
Today, we levy a charge to companies who use the rating logo for their own benefit. We do this for a number of reasons.

  • We endeavour to safeguard that our rating logos are protected by using a uniform logo for all users.

  • We aim to maintain the impression of quality projected by our credit rating symbols through a uniform appearance.

  • Our rating logos for internet use are automatically updated with the day’s date, in order to satisfy internal quality guidelines as well as demands made by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Which company name is displayed on the rating logo?
The company name displayed on the rating logo for internet use must be the legally registered name – this is a requirement from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Consequently, no other name may be displayed on the logo.

Order a rating log

You can order a rating logo direct from our web shop.

I have not yet received the rating logo which I ordered recently.
Rating logos are delivered by e-mail, containing HTML code. It could be that your e-mail client has sorted our message into its mailbox for junk mail. If you cannot find your delivery, we advise firstly checking your mailbox for junk mail. If you still cannot find our message, please contact our Customer service team again by using our contact form.

Our full company name does not appear on the rating logo for internet use.
Extremely long company names may not fit into a normal web logo. In other words, there may not be enough image space in order for all of the text to be accommodated. We can solve this by issuing a logo containing a larger area for all of the text. Contact us

Amended rating for web logo.
The logos are located on our servers, and are automatically updated with up-to-date information in order to testify that your rating is always current. Learn more about our Credit Worthiness

The rating logo is no longer displaying on our website.
You rating logo will no longer be displayed automatically if your company’s rating falls to the B or C level.

Extracts from the register

How do I order an extract from the register for my own company?
Extracts from the register may only be ordered for your own company.
Delivery is always made by post to the company address. Period of delivery – up to five working days.

Ordering an extract from the register – Companies

I have received a copy of a credit report with information regarding Soliditet’s credit undertaking.
Soliditet collects information from various banks and financial institutes falling under the jurisdiction of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Information is submitted to these institutes on a monthly basis. Your various credit facilities, sums and utilised lines of credit are only obtained from the actors taking part in this collaboration, and, as a result, may not represent an overall summary of your total credit facilities.

How is this information used?
Only those taking part in the collaboration may be party to this information, which is often used as a supplement to other information when assessing whether or not to grant or raise a line of credit.

Can I find out who has submitted the information?
Yes you can. By contacting us at Soliditet you can find out which credit institute has submitted information.

I do not have a line of credit with a particular company.
It is not unusual that you may have a line of credit without being aware of it. Perhaps you purchased a television set some years ago which you chose to repay over a number of months, and were granted a line of credit. When the outstanding balance is repaid, the credit facility remains active with the credit institute – provided you do not cancel it.


My company is engaged in procurement procedures and requires a credit report – how do I proceed?

If you wish to order an up-to-date rating report for your company, you can fill in your details in the Order a report prior to procurement form. Your order is sent to Customer service who will then supply the information you have requested.

Read more about our AAA rating.

I would like to order a credit report, but am not currently registered as a customer with Soliditet – how do I proceed?

We give commercial customers the option of ordering individual credit reports for companies without having to be a contract client with Soliditet – a service charge of SEK 250.00 is charged for every report ordered. The price of credit reports depends on the country in question and the amount of information contained in the report. Individual reports can be obtained for companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. If you wish to order a credit report for another company, you can state this in the form. Your order is sent to Customer service, who will then supply the information you have requested. The price, including service charge, is shown in the form.

Order Commercial reports – Sweden
Order Commercial reports – Norway, Finland, Denmark

Pre-paid packages – become a contract client with Soliditet

At Soliditet we always strive to offer our customers the best solutions for their business decisions. Do you want to know more about how to obtain credit reports yourself over the internet, or by integrating directly into you financial or CRM system? If so, we’re more than happy to help. Naturally, we offer both volume and prepayment discounts in the event of larger-scale consumption, fully customised according to your requirements.

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Become a customer: fill in your details and areas of interest, and we will be in touch.

Copies of reports

Why have I received a copy of a credit report from Soliditet?
When a credit report is ordered on a private individual, sole trader or trading/limited partnership, Soliditet has to send information regarding who has requested the credit report, and what information has been supplied. If you have received a message by e-mail, text or post you can log in at to view a copy of the report.

Who has requested a credit report on me?
The copy of the report you receive displays the identity of the party requesting the report. The credit provider (the company) always rules whether or not credit is to be granted. The credit provider does not require your compliance to request a report. Nevertheless, a legitimate reason – a valid reason – is necessary in order to request a report on a private individual. A legitimate reason exists if you have applied for a loan, or purchased something on credit, hire-purchase or similar. If you have received a message by e-mail, text or post you can log in at and discover the identity of the party who has requested a report on you, as well as what information has been issued.


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