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Our customers are active across a range of industries and markets, with various operations and challenges. We always take into account the customer’s specific situation and opportunities. This approach demands unique solutions, often highly customised, formulated during close, trustful consultation with the customer. The most important thing for us is to listen to our customers. They are the only ones who know what they need, and what they want us to help them with.

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In this section, a selection of our customers explain the benefits they have enjoyed from using our products and services. Through these testimonials, we hope to show how Soliditet has helped companies grow, doing more business while succeeding in minimising risk. You will also gain an insight into how they have saved time through simplifying and streamlining their credit work, as well as their efforts to win new customers.

Here are our customers, both great and small – some who have benefited from our full spectrum of services, and others who are happy just using one or two. Many of them have developed unique working models – either independently, or in consultation with us – something which has given us valuable new perspectives into our own products and services. Exactly as a close customer relationship should be.

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