Integrerad Nordic Business Key

Integrations with NBK gives you a number of oppportunities

  • Ability to integrate to CRM system
  • Nordic Business Key gives you a good basis for analyzing your market customers and target groups
  • Daily updates
  • Three versions to suit your needs: Large, Medium and Small
  • Reliable credit through Soliditet AAA
  • Name of executives in key areas of responsibility
  • Own market-based industry structure – Bisnode Branch

Web services for NBK




Link to:
NBK Nordic_Koder_klartexter.xlsx

Link to: NBK_Nordic_Small_Medium_Large_Nordic.pdf

General explanations


includeEmptyFields: true/false (default false). If true, all fields will be displayed no matter if they have a value or not.
includeFieldDisplayName: true/false (default false). If true, will add an attribut that will show fieldnames in plain text
fieldDisplayNameLanguage: sv/da/fi/no/en Language that the field above will show its field name in.


user: uniqe userid., specifik to the customer.
password: uniqe password set by Soliditet Customer Service
transactionId: not in use today.

Report Criteria

startPos: starting position in the hit list
pageSize: number of hits per request (limited to a maximum of 50 in the webservice configuration)
buyReport: true/false . If true, the answer will contain a report, otherwise the default is a hit list.
language: language for plaintext in the report
countries/country: country for the the requested search

freetext: search in co indexed fields (name, duns, orgnr,town, address, osv.)

Greater and lesser than
You can use XML-encoding and use these characters:

'<' = '&lt;'
'>'= '&gt;'

Turnover greater than 1 million
<req:turnover>&gt; 1000</req:turnover>

Turnover less than 1 million
<req:turnover>&lt; 1000</req:turnover>


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