Credit Worthiness

Stand out from the crowd – advertise your credit worthiness

Soliditet is recognised as the most established credit worthiness model. Using our model to substantiate your status alongside other professionally run, credit worthy Swedish companies offers several benefits during business communication with other companies. Regardless of whether you are a customer or supplier, our rating brands feature well-known symbols which clearly attest to your credit worthiness, and accordingly, your status as a reliable partner. In our most recent brand knowledge and recognition surveys, AAA (triple AAA) achieved a rating of approximately 90%, which is considered very high.

Uniform assessment

At Soliditet, we assess every Swedish company using the same model. Company comparison is carried out on an industry basis. Assessments are completely independent, and all companies are treated on an equal basis. Companies are valued on a scale from C, the lowest rating, to AAA, the highest. Soliditet’s credit worthiness model is the only one sufficiently penetrative to be capable of discovering 90% of all bankruptcies as early as one year in advance. This is one of the reasons why so many companies use our credit rating solutions when looking for new partners, customers, or suppliers. Companies are assessed using our widely recognised triple-grade scale:

  • A: Credit worthy
  • AA: Good credit worthiness
  • AAA: Highest credit worthiness.

Learn more about our rating model and its accuracy, here.

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