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We don’t mean to be forward. But do you have the right knowledge about your business relations in order to create profitability for your company?

The precise factor creating a profitable business relationship is often buried in the detail. Today’s technology provides substantial business possibilities to those with the time and opportunity to delve deep into the mine of business data available. It is not only about storing information, and automating the different stages of the business process, but, first and foremost, it is about streamlining the management of your company’s credit customers.

At Soliditet, we have built up an entire business sector devoted to providing our customers with help in exactly this area. We call it Soliditet Solutions. Here we have pooled a team of highly skilled, experienced business advisors and analysts – a team we are really proud of. Regardless of whether you belong to company management, or hold another management position, our advisors have the expertise to unearth knowledge and information about your customers you didn’t know you had. The Soliditet Solutions team are equipped with the latest tools in order to analyse patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. We do everything we can to give you the tools to create profitability.

Your business objectives – our knowledge and delivery

    Our solutions are adapted according to your requirements and resources, as well as changes in external factors. In addition, we can offer specialised models and analyses within prospecting, credit granting, management of existing customers, and customers referred to collection. Let us take the role of your personal business advisor, to help you reach your business goals. Give us a call today.


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