Supplier Analysis

Our supplier analysis tool lets you take control over your costs

Do you know how your company’s money is spent? We know that in the case of a great many companies, costs for purchases from external suppliers account for two-thirds of total company expenditure. Truth to tell, few companies are aware as to the extent of their total supplying volume. Furthermore, in many cases, a large portion of supplying volume is handled without a specialised supplying function.

Soliditet’s Supplying Analysis provides a comprehensive overview of your company’s external costs, with a so-called spending analysis. Through a structured, powerful methodology, we are able to chart the accumulated supplying within organisations both large and small. This is done by viewing – firstly, on a consolidated basis, and subsequently, on an accumulated basis – total purchases, or so-called spend. We help you consolidate your suppliers and utilise your status as a major customer, as well as identify the best price in cases where several companies are supplying the same service.

Answers to supplying queries

By combining your internal information with our data, Soliditet’s Supplying Analysis helps answer many of your questions in this area, such as:

  • What do we purchase?
  • How do we purchase it?
  • Who carries out our purchases?
  • Who are our key suppliers?
  • What risk do our suppliers present?
  • In which industry are our suppliers active?
  • What is the situation regarding group relationships?

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Are you interested in finding out how we can help you, and your company? With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. Feel free to give us a call.


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