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Win more customers through automated credit decisions

Time is money – and nowhere is this more true than when deciding with whom to do business. Our systems can help you quickly and easily take the credit-pulse on your existing customers. And, in addition, you will be able to increase and identify more, credit worthy customers than you can today. And as this process becomes simpler and more streamlined, your throughput rate of approved applications will increase. It also creates opportunities to delegate credit granting activities throughout your organisation, further increasing capacity.

Our Decision Support system, which enables automated credit decisions, provides instant answers. You simply enter the relevant personal identity or corporate identity number, and receive an instant decision. Approved, Declined, or Check. Decision Support is a uniform system across the entire Nordic region, encompassing both companies and private individuals. Moreover, you can shift between the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and English languages for your decisions.

Credit decisions based on your credit policy

Our solutions dovetail with your company’s existing credit policy. If your company does not operate a credit policy, we are happy to contribute our considerable experience and expertise towards helping you develop one, optimised in accordance with your company’s circumstances. Our objective is to help you approve more customers and achieve increased growth, as opposed to declining customers unnecessarily. In the archive, you can then manage and follow-up your existing credit decisions, as well as gaining access to easily comprehensible statistics through graphs and results. Do different people at your workplace have different requirements? No problem, you decide who can do what.

Also available as an integrated solution

Do what suits you best. You and your employees can take credit decisions through our Solsidan product portal. Or alternatively, you can connect Decision Support directly to your own system with help from our smart integration solutions.

Get in touch with us – we’d be happy to tell you more about how you can win more customers, at the same time as keeping track of the risks you take.

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