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In the business world, the maxim “survival of the fittest” applies – if a rival goes bankrupt, this could be your chance to gain a new customer. Our service, the Day’s bankruptcies, gives you a broad overview of the current situation, allowing you to swiftly take action at just the right time. Our subscription based service lets you keep constant track of the most recent bankruptcies and company reconstructions. You can choose if you want to follow developments across the whole nation, in a particular county, or make several selections at once. And you can always make searches on a historical basis if required.

By subscribing to our service, you can always gain access to a list of the most recently registered bankruptcies and company reconstructions. You can also conduct searches retrospectively. To obtain more information on one of the companies on the list, simply click on the name of the company. You are then forwarded to a menu at which you may order a specially adapted bankruptcy report about the company. This report shows detailed information pertaining to the bankruptcy/company reconstruction, as well as details of the receiver in bankruptcy/administrator. In this menu, you can also find all of the other credit reports you may require for the company.

Free searches

Both the search function and the list can be ordered on a monthly subscription. You are given free access to searches during the whole month. These reports are charged in the same way as our other reports.

Make sure your company is not affected

The day’s bankruptcies open up new business opportunities. However, at the same time, we assume you are keen to avoid any setbacks of your own. Our monitoring solution, Business Monitor, lets you keep an eagle eye on your customers, as well as your suppliers. Learn more about monitoring here.

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