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Carrying out procurement?

Are you a purchaser, or involved in procurement in some other way? If so, you’ll want to avoid doing business at all costs with companies that use black market labour. Our purchasing information has been tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our purchasing information contains both unique information about the company’s reported employer contributions and selected company information from our credit reports, and is based on our reliable credit rating system. You can view the employer contributions reported by the company for the last twelve months, directly on screen.

Avoid faxing
This information means that you no longer need to fax form SKV4820 to the Swedish Tax Agency. Instead, you can obtain the information direct from us, either via the web or built into your company’s system.

The purchasing information also provides details of the company’s stability and sustainability, as well as data about the company’s age, history and operations. The information includes the following key ratios: number of employees, equity/assets ratio, liquid ratio, risk buffer, total return on assets, turnover and income after net financial items. It also includes details of the company’s owners and management, as well as information about the board of directors, auditors, parent company, subsidiaries, branches, secondary company names and alternative company names.

Example of purchasing information (click on the image for high-resolution version):

Would you like to find out more? Do you want to start using our purchasing information? Get in touch with your contact at Soliditet or our customer services team.


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