Rating certificate

A rating certificate confirms your credit rating today

It’s no secret that credibility and good documentation strengthen your position when carrying out procurement, or even when negotiating more favourable terms with your bank. But why work to convince others of your professional standing and your sound finances when someone else can do it for you? With our certificate we stand alongside you, certifying your credit rating and confirming that it is current.

Being able to show from the previous year’s accounts that your company has sound, orderly finances is all well and good. However, our certificate confirms your company’s current rating, for even greater credibility. Creditworthy companies are better, as shown clearly by our statistics.

Our certificate is particularly useful when you need to demonstrate your company’s current credit rating, for example when carrying out procurement or during negotiations. The certificate includes your company’s credit rating, the date of issue and our CEO Patrik Attemark’s signature. Of course, you can also display the certificate where it can be seen by your visitors and customers.
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