Interactive analysis

Take full control of your accounts receivable and sales figures

Our interactive analysis gives you a full overview of all your accounts receivable and sales figures. The tool combines our well-known credit rating and payment index risk measurements. The analysis itself is lightning fast, and is tailor-made according to your company’s structure and the figures you’re interested in.

The values are updated monthly, and are based on the items included in Soliditet’s Business Monitor service. You can also update the analysis each month with your own information, such as limits, outstanding balance or your own portfolio breakdown by customer category, etc.

If you already use our Business Monitor service, we’ll send you a new interactive analysis, usually every month. If you don’t use our monitoring products, just send us a data file and we’ll input the information into the interactive analysis. Your analyses will then be supplied aggregated for sole traders, trading partnerships and limited partnerships.

Our interactive analysis provides answers to questions including the following:

  • What are our anticipated credit losses?
  • How have our risks changed over time?
  • What are our customers’ payment habits?
  • What is the degree of usage for credit granted?

Benefits and effects

  • Better overview of customer and supplier risks

  • Better data for reporting, controlling and monitoring targets

Example of what an interactive analysis might look like (click on the image for high-resolution version):

Selection parameters (can be tailored to suit your requirements):

  • county

  • customer ID 1 and 2 (used for your own categorisation)

  • type of company

  • industry

  • turnover interval

  • credit rating

  • limit

  • payment index (interval)

  • age of company

  • history (year and month)


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