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Are you vulnerable to fraud?

In order for Soliditet to register a fraud freeze, the company or person in question must have been the victim of fraudulent activity, or an attempt at fraudulent activity. A 14-day freeze applies from the time of notification pending a police report. When the report is received, the freeze is then extended up to a period of five years, or until such time as the freeze is terminated.

How to register a fraud freeze

A cancellation form can be ordered through our interactive voice response service on +46 (0)8 470 34 92. Only new credit applications are affected by a fraud freeze held on our register. This service is free of charge.

A police report can be sent to us using the form below.

A police report may also be submitted by post or fax:

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Fax: +46 (0)8 5190 1359

Registration Fraud Lock

To have a Fraud Lock registered by Soliditet the Company or person must have been exposed to fraud or fraud attemt.
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