Block ID-card

Have you lost your ID card, passport or driver’s licence?

Soliditet makes a note of misplaced ID cards on its register in order to attempt to counteract potential fraudulent activity. A record of a misplaced ID card only applies in the context of credit reporting. Note that this does not function as a general block of your ID card or personal identity number. This notification appears in our credit reports in order that potential credit providers may become alert to unauthorised parties attempting to use a misplaced ID card.

How to block your ID-card

To register a misplaced ID card, telephone our interactive voice response service on +46 (0)8 470 34 92, and follow the instructions provided. This service requires a touch-tone telephone. Once the notification has been registered, a confirmation is automatically sent to your nationally registered address. The confirmation letter should be retained, as it may be used later as a cancellation form in the event you wish to remove the notification.

A registered notification of a misplaced ID card will remain on Soliditet’s register for a period of five years, provided you do not choose to remove the notification yourself. In order to remove a notification, you must fill in and sign a cancellation form, and send it to us by post.

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