Credit Rating System

From AAA, the highest, to C, the lowest – the widely renowned credit assessment system which helps you do better business

Each day, hundreds of thousands of companies enlist the help of our credit assessment system in order to quickly make reliable, profitable decisions. Our system enables companies to do business universally, and by checking the rating and recommended credit limit in advance, they know exactly when they should be requesting advance payment, as well as when they should restrict or increase the sum of credit. Soliditet’s credit assessment system is built upon an impressive range of decision rules. The model can be applied to a broad selection of credit and market contexts, such as credit granting, prospecting, and procurement procedures.

Based on our unique experience within credit granting, Soliditet’s credit assessment model is a widely known, reliable specialist model which helps your company avoid credit loss. As many as 90 per cent of bankruptcies are identified at an early stage, preventing unnecessary credit loss. The system provides ongoing updating of rating statistics, guaranteeing accuracy over long periods, and has been shown to be effective during both periods of economic prosperity and recession.

Since its launch in 1989, we have been continually refining the system, and measurements are carried out on an ongoing basis in order to maintain the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Information assessed is always up-to-date

Credit information is perishable. As a result, we update our information several times a day. In addition, a current credit rating/credit assessment is performed each time new information is filed. This guarantees that your assessment is always based on up-to-date information.

Utilising a credit assessment system streamlines the work of your credit department

Broaden your business opportunities

Soliditet’s credit rating system helps you to avoid credit loss at the same time as maximising your business opportunities. We do this by enabling you to make calculated, objective, and swift risk decisions.

The rating is often used to reinforce a decision. It also helps you assess potential opportunities by quickly and simply revealing the payment terms, limits, and credit facilities operated by the company in question in respect of its customers and suppliers. However, the rating has another important area of use: it is also commonly deployed in various marketing contexts. For example, a rating can represent an emphatic unique selling point during public procurement procedures, in addition to prospecting, and efforts to find new, profitable customers.

Business Advisors

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With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. Feel free to give us a call.


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