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We know if your customer risks going bankrupt – one year in advance

Credit loss is a reality for every company, and, in many cases, it can prove all too costly. If you are looking to minimise your risks, however, our credit assessment system is an investment which will pay for itself over and over again. Since the introduction of the AAA rating on the Swedish market, Soliditet regularly compiles and analyses statistics over its effectiveness.

Our model allows companies using our credit assessment system to predict – one year in advance, and with 90% certainty – that one of its customers or suppliers is headed for bankruptcy. We regularly perform analysis on bankrupted companies. From our database, we are able to retrieve the rating the company held prior to going bankrupt. This allows us to forecast the risk of a company going bankrupt within one, two, or three years. Our credit assessment system predicts the risk of a company going bankrupt at one, two, or three years. Utilising our rating and rating statistics can be an invaluable aid when, for example, making provisions for credit loss, as a customer. We make it possible for you to easily calculate and clearly visualise the risks across your own customer portfolio.

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With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions.
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