Assessment Models

It’s not our business data which is unique.
It’s how we use it.

Information may be important, but without help from smart, elegant systems capable of handling all types of data, which can be applied to easily accessible products, it falls flat on its face. At Soliditet, we assess solvency and willingness to pay among both companies and consumers with the help of various different systems, built up around advanced models and unique credit granting instruments.

Soliditet is the leading credit report company in the Nordic region. We have not achieved this status because we have access to business information no one else on the market holds. Rather, it is our expertise drawing conclusions from large volumes of data which makes us unique. A good example is our ability to forecast bankruptcies – with a 90 per cent probability – one whole year in advance. And that is not all. It is our conviction that we outperform our competitors when it comes to identifying those companies most inclined to do business with your individual company, as well as those carrying a greater business risk than you are willing to take.

Soliditet’s credit assessment system – AAA (triple A)

Soliditet’s credit assessment system, AAA, is capable of forecasting 90 per cent of commercial bankruptcies. Launched in 1989, AAA grades a company’s solvency based on a series of decision rules. The result is recorded in the form of a credit rating, from AAA to C.
Learn more about Soliditet’s credit assessment system

Soliditet Score Consumer

Score Consumer is a generic scorecard developed to suit all types of credit facilities. It is developed and customised towards a credit-active population in order to optimise performance. This model is en effective tool in order to facilitate better decision making, and enables you to do more risk-free business while avoiding credit loss. Learn more about scoring

Soliditet Payment index

Soliditet’s Payment index provides a further dimension to your credit assessment armoury, by offering guidance on when you can expect to be paid. Payment Index charts companies’ payment behaviour using a financial ratio which shows average payment time in relation to the sum of the invoice. This index is unique on the Swedish market. Learn more about Payment index

Business Advisors

We will help you.

With considerable experience offering expert analysis and business advice, Soliditet’s business advisors are equipped with cutting-edge tools for the analysis of patterns and behaviour around customer bases and transactions. Feel free to give us a call.


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