BMW Financial Services

They make the BMW dream come true and stop fraudsters

BMW Financial Services provides smart financing to allow more and more people to buy their dream BMW. But anyone with dishonest intentions is turned away, with the aid of Soliditet.

BMW enjoys the status of number one prestige car, sadly also among fraudsters. Lise-Lotte Edström, Operations Manager at BMW Financial Services’ Nordic head office in Solna, has been forced to learn a lot about fraud.

“One trend among fraudsters at the moment is to use ex-pats returning home as cover, people who are moving back to their home counties and have a clean credit history,” she explains.

Another increasingly common scenario is that companies with a good rating are bought up by shady individuals, who then buy lots of cars on credit in a short period via their companies.

“They’re very difficult to identify, but with the aid of SFS, Soliditet Fraud Solutions, we have a chance of stopping them in time.”

Two thirds of BMW Financial Services’ customers are private individuals. Work on credit here is based partly on traditional credit information and partly on Soliditet’s Scoring model. For corporate customers, the Rating is the basis of Soliditet’s Decision Support system, supplemented by analyses of annual accounts, Paydex, lists of assets and costing calculations.

Credit decisions at BMW Financial Services are made at various levels. Most decisions are made by individual credit administrators with the aid of Decision Support. The results of all this work are excellent.

Despite the company’s clear focus on sales, BMW Financial Services actually manages to keep bad debts at a low level with the aid of Soliditet’s services. “I appreciate our excellent partnership and the good relations with key people in various areas within Soliditet,” says Lise-Lotte Edström.

Facts about BMW Financial Services

BMW Financial Services AB is a credit market company, wholly owned by the BMW Group. The company finances around 15,000 cars a year in Sweden by means of various kinds of lease and payment solutions. In total, approximately 3.1 million cars are financed via BMW Financial Services all over the world.

The car and motorcycle company BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) AG was founded in 1916. In 2010 the Group had turnover of around 50 billion euros and it has almost 100,000 employees. Its subsidiaries include Rolls-Royce and MINI. The head office is in Munich, the CEO is Norbert Reithofer and the main shareholder is the Quandt family.

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