Innovation, accessibility and openness make Mäklarhuset i Örebro a model AAA company

Buying and selling property should be both pleasant and enjoyable – this is one thing the team at Mäklarhuset agrees on. The firm’s upbeat, reliable approach to its work has paid dividends for an estate agency whose AAA-certificate has followed them faithfully year after year. And it’s extra special to wrap the company in a red ribbon at Christmas time ...

Visit Mäklarhuset Aga Egendomsaffär and you’ll notice an air of warmth and openness around the building. Staff circulate briskly amid the murmur of small-talk, whistling and the whiff of fresh coffee.

“It’s a normal day at the office, in other words,” explains estate agent and partner, Andreas Olofsson, with a smile. Founded in 1929, Aga Egendomsaffär became part of Mäklarhuset, the nationwide chain, in 2002. For its three owners in Örebro – Andreas Olofsson, Magnus Olofsson and Peter Sjölinder – changing premises two years ago from rented property to the attractive 1920s building, on one of Örebro’s major transit routes, was a strategic step.

“The move has paid off in terms of raising our profile, among other things. From the outset, our intention was to create a warm, homely milieu in which our customers would feel welcome.”

It’s no coincidence Mäklarhuset perfectly fits the profile of a thriving AAA-company. The firm has put a premium on sound decision making and successful, long-term customer relationships from the outset. Personal service and a broad expertise were established features of the firm before the brothers even took over.

”It would not have been possible for us to make such a good start if it weren’t for the previous owners, Anders Forsberg, Peter Sjölinder and Conny Fredriksson, and their staff, who had already laid the foundations for our brand.”

Alongside the agency, Anders also runs Mäklarhuset Aga Kommersiella, while Conny continues to focus on residential properties and holiday homes. It’s great that they are still here with us, and we benefit from their considerable experience every day. “We were lucky enough to take over a carefully thought-out concept with extremely well-run resources,” explains Magnus.

That said, the involvement and dedication of the staff are the biggest reasons for its success. There is a genuine team spirit running throughout the office which sees staff happy to back each other up, and everyone is proud of the firm’s AAA status.

“Buying and selling property is among the most important thing people do during their life. We try and provide support during the entire process, and help both buyer and seller feel at ease,” explains Andreas.

Magnus agrees, adding: “Our AAA-certification represents a seal of approval for our work, and I’m convinced it makes it easier for us to do business – both for our partners and customers alike. It lets them know right off the bat that we are a stable, reliable company. We have also been lucky enough to receive other distinctions which testify to the quality of our work. Mäklarhuset was shown to have the most satisfied customers in 2008 and 2009, according to Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index).”

Around the time of Advent, in 2009, there were few people in Örebro who could ignore Mäklarhuset – the firm decided to create Örebro’s biggest Christmas gift by wrapping the entire building with a red ribbon and attaching a large rosette.

“We got a really positive response from many. People were genuinely happy that we had done that little extra to contribute towards the positive mood around the city. We are always willing to go that extra mile – making people happy is central to our business idea,” says Magnus.

Andreas elaborates further: “This job is really more about meeting people, who are going through various types of change, than the property itself. We take on every assignment with genuine humility, and I think our customers appreciate that. These values are fundamental to achieving success in our industry.”


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