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Donald Duck and Soliditet take care of Disney’s credit

Thanks to credit solutions provided by Soliditet, Walt Disney Company Nordic dares to operate an unusually generous credit policy. But it also helps when you have the much-loved Disney characters on your team – some customers prioritise an invoice from Disney ahead of their other suppliers.

Imagine owning a chain of stores selling DVD films. Would you risk losing out on deliveries from Walt Disney? Not likely! “Granted, there are many who prioritise our invoices. But we don’t have a monopoly. Stores are always free to find another wholesaler instead,” points out Claes Kuntze, Nordic Credit Director at Walt Disney Company Nordic, in Stockholm. Conclusion: thorough credit work is also necessary. And to this end, Walt Disney uses company information supplied by Soliditet. Our Solsidan portal contains several reports, and Disney always chooses the Standard level, the most comprehensive.

“We look mostly at financial ratios in annual accounts, and also, for bigger deals, the half-yearly accounts, as well as the payment history, like in Paydex. And the rating, of course – this is really reliable,” he adds.

Claes, together with the other four officials – one for each Nordic state – works pro-actively to find out more information about his customers, mainly wholesalers and retail chains, than he really needs. It has proved to be an intelligent strategy, and credit losses are minimal.

“The overview we gain over our customer base by using Portfolio Manager also contributes to us being able to operate a generous credit policy, which means we can avoid turning down business and focus on our sales activities,” explains Claes.

Walt Disney monitors every one of its approximately 1,500 customers in the Nordic region through Business Monitoring, with Soliditet, keeping a particularly close eye on rating changes. “Just over half of our sales are generated through films, everything from Toy Story to Desperate Housewives, but we also sell a lot of games and merchandise of various types,” he continues. Orders can reach sums in the millions, and it’s high season during the autumn, when companies look to build up their stocks ahead of Christmas trading.

“We rarely make demands on advance payment, or the like. But of course, we have to impose limits in some cases, for our less solid customers,” Claes points out.

Facts about Walt Disney

Walt Disney Company Nordic AB was established in 2010, the result of a merger between the Nordic region’s previous Disney units. Walt Disney has been operating in the Nordic region since the 1960s, although Donald Duck has been available through licensing since 1948. The company was founded in 1923 in Burbank, Los Angeles, USA, where its head office remains to this day.

Walt Disney Company Nordic turned over just over SEK 1 billion in 2010, and employs 85 people at its head office in Stockholm, with almost as many spread throughout its various sales offices in the Nordic region. The CEO is Casper Bue Björner.

Feel free to read more at www.disney.se


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