E.ON continues to expand with a stable flow of credit

With over 800,000 customers, E.ON Försäljning AB has successfully automated large sections of its credit work by using Soliditet’s Decision Support solution.

E.ON’s head office is located at the Kronprinsen skyscraper, in Malmö. Although E.ON is currently well represented throughout the nation, the company has never lost its Scanian roots.

“We get new customers all the time. More often than not, they are drawn to our environmental work, our service, and our knowledge base,” explains Magnus Ekentoft, Director of Financial Control at E.ON Försäljning.

Most companies have a few hundred customers, at most, but E.ON has over 800,000, of which just over 100,000 are commercial. However, almost all of E.ON’s credit work is handled by 15 of its customer services representatives, with Soliditet’s Decision Support at their fingertips.

“By simply entering the personal or corporate identity number, our staff can instantly access up-to-date credit information and, in most cases, approve enquiries immediately,” says Magnus.

The Electricity Act takes into account social issues, and E.ON rarely disconnects the supply to private customers who fail to pay their electricity accounts. The focus lies on helping customers. The commercial market, on the other hand, is handled regularly, and all new contracts agreed with E.ON are subject to an automatic credit check, through customer services. Complicated cases are ruled on by Magnus, with help from information supplied by the Solsidan portal regarding patterns among financial ratios, records of non-payment, rating, and other factors.

“However, if a customer has paid all of its E.ON accounts bang on time over the years, we approve them, even if they hold a C rating,” he explains.

The vast scale of E.ON’s customer base has seen the company rationalise its monitoring from Soliditet, and now E.ON only receives e-mails on urgent matters, such as dramatic deteriorations in ratings, and bankruptcy petitions among its 6,000 largest commercial customers.

“The continuous updates from Decision Support keep us fully in the picture during our daily work.” We ask Magnus Ekentoft whether E.ON’s partnership with Soliditet has been profitable, but we can tell from his answer it was a stupid question. “Absolutely. If it wasn’t worth it, we would pull out today – but this is the last thing we intend to do.”

Facts about E.ON

E.ON Sverige AB’s predecessor, Sydsvenska Kraftaktiebolaget, which would later become Sydkraft, was founded back in 1906. German E.ON acquired Sydkraft in 2011, and following the incorporation of Graninge in 2004, the company began trading under its present name in 2005.

E.ON Sverige is Sweden’s third largest energy company, supplying electricity, gas, and heat to just over 800,000 customers throughout the nation.

E.ON Sverige belongs to E.ON AG, the world’s largest privately owned energy group, with almost 90,000 employees and a turnover of 82 billion Euros (2009). Its head office is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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