Soliditet and the credit solution history

When company men Ernst Wehtje and Nils Winkler took the initiative to form AB Soliditet back in 1908, they sought to provide protection to tradesmen and credit providers. By saying no to a customer and declining to grant credit, unnecessary losses could be avoided. The credit report emerged as an insurance against bad business.

From credit reports to business intelligence

Likewise, the rise of the credit market has altered our view of credit reporting. The suspicion – in some cases, hostility – which greeted the innovators of commercial credit reporting has been replaced by insight and respect.

Effective credit reporting not only reduces the risk of incurring credit loss. It also allows more actors to enter the credit market, enabling more business to be done, and contributing towards keeping down prices by reducing transaction costs.

At the same time, reporting activities have been re-modelled, and changed character. During the 2000s, new solutions and technologies have opened up a wealth of new areas of application for credit information. It’s no longer solely a case of supplying credit reports in order to avoid bad business. In today’s highly competitive commercial climate, knowledge about our customers, suppliers, and other business contacts is a key element of achieving success. With help from a range of analytical and assessment models, credit information can be utilised in order to find new customers and suppliers, create more business, increase growth, keep costs under control, improve cash flow, and increase profitability.

By following this approach, Soliditet has evolved into a supplier of business information which provides the basis for the management of companies’ operations. This is what is commonly known as business intelligence.
And on that note, a new story emerges.

The story of Soliditet, and Swedish credit reporting

Over the years, several thousand newspaper articles have been written, hundreds of debating contributions put forward in the Swedish parliament, and a great many public enquiries carried out. Yet up to now, no one has written a book about credit reporting in Sweden – until now, that is. A curious fact, since we know that credit reporting is a pre-requisite for a sound, effectively functioning credit market, and, as a consequence, a key driver for continued economic development. Primarily, this book is about Soliditet AB. However, it also traces the rise of the Swedish credit reporting system.


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