Code of Ethics

A question of trust

As a credit assessment company, we consider that our obligation to apply business ethics and morals stretches further than for many other companies. We are duty bound to represent sound business practice; and we are more than happy to oblige. This is a natural aspect of how we believe companies should operate and behave. Soliditet’s code of conduct is our way of contributing towards the business world we want to help create.

Social responsibility

As a business and credit assessment company, our responsibility is to accumulate and assess a basis for decision making which is as extensive and up-to-date as possible. This in order to provide a judicious, expert verdict pertaining to a company’s financial status, or a private individual’s solvency.

Legal responsibility

Naturally, Soliditet complies unreservedly with applicable legislation, best practices, provisions, and conditions notified by the Data Inspection Board.

Personal integrity

Soliditet strives to protect, and always take into account the integrity of the individual. Personal data is always treated in the strictest confidence, and unauthorised observation prohibited. Soliditet’s treatment of personal data shall always take place in accordance with legislation, best practice, and experience which is a pre-requisite for an operation of this type. Questions shall be responded to with a deep understanding for the integrity of the individual, and each case shall be handled objectively, thoroughly and with full insight into the significance of confidentiality.

Responsibility as credit provider

Our customers use assessment models within increasingly broad business contexts, and not solely in the case of traditional credit assessment. Thereby, we take considerable responsibility for ensuring our models constitute reliable tools, utilising information established on accurate grounds. This is a pre-requisite for us being able to forecast the risk of bankruptcy and insolvency through our expert application of specialist knowledge and statistical associations.

Responsibility towards the customer

Our responsibility is to highlight risk, as well as pinpointing opportunity, viewed from a business perspective. We treat our customers’ information with the same confidentiality as personal data.


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