Can I write my client code in another language than Java and .Net?

Yes, we offer sample code in Java and .Net (C#) but you can use any language/platform to write your client. The BRG web services conform to the Web Service Interoperability Organization’s Basic Profile standard, see and you can write your client in any language that supports this.

Which encoding does the BRG services use?

All SOAP communication with BRG should be encoded in UTF-8.

What are the login criteria and when do I need to add them?

There are four different login criteria in BRG, which are described in the WSDL files of all services that require them. They are always a part of the namespace "". The services that require login information are all except AnnualReportPDF and AnnualReportPDFList. The criteria are:


  • CustomerCodeOwner
  • UserId
  • UserPassword

The criteria should be set as SOAP headers in the request. Please refer to the code examples sections to see how to include SOAP headers in a request.

What should I put in the SOAP headers language, toCountry and fromCountry?

These SOAP headers are mandatory for some of the services. Please refer to each service’ WSDL file to see for which of the services they are mandatory.

What does the SOAP header includeEmptyFields do?

The includeEmptyField SOAP header is optional and can be used when calling the following services:

  • ConsumerSearch
  • CompanySearch
  • ConsumerReportStandard
  • CompanyReportStandard
  • CompanyReportStandardNB8
  • GroupAccountFinancials

When this header is set to “yes” all second level elements in the response will be returned, even if the particular element is empty. For example, if it’s set to yes in a request to Company Report Standard then all elements under e.g. actionsOfDistraint will be returned. To avoid ambiguity the element actionsOfDistraint itself will still be returned zero, one or more than one time.

The reason for this is so is perhaps more clear for the Company Search service where the header simply means that all fields should be returned for all companies in the response. But of course the company element itself might still be returned zero to many times, depending on how many companies matched the search.
If it’s not set then it defaults to “no”.

What does error code xxx stand for?

Please see section Error Handling for detailed information about error codes.


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